Photography Services

Our complete photography package is only $495 for Services beginning

at the Administration Building or $550 at the Chapel and also includes your choice of one of the following packages:

Package 1:

Four pocket albums including your selection of 36-4x6 photos per album. Albums may have different photos.

Package 2:

Two 9x9 book-bound albums including medallion and your selection of 54-4x6 photos per album. Album may have different photos. 

Package 3:

Three 9x9 book-bound albums including medallion and your selection of 36-4x6 photos per album. Album may have different photos. 

Package 4:

One 9x9 book-bound album including 

medallion and your selection of 110-4x6

photos per album.

Package 5:

Two photo DVDs of ALL images taken in a high-resolution, jpeg format including

a full-rights copyright release, to make your own prints, albums, and/or slideshow

PLUS one pocket album, including your selection of 36-4x6 photos. 

Notes: Package & photo selections occur after photos are posted online

Plus shipping and Virginia-residents only, 6% sales tax


ALL packages also include:

-Your photographer arriving 20-30 minutes prior to the Service to take family photos (if desired).  Our staff arrives professionally dressed and is very discreet.


-Within 3-7 days we will upload all photos taken to your secure and password protected photo gallery for friends and family to view.  

Below are the medallions, albums, and photo DVD that may be included in your chosen package:

9" x 9" Book-Bound Album - Offered in Packages 2, 3 & 4. Holds up to 200 photos. Medallion(s) included.

9" x 5" Pocket Album - Offered in Packages 1 & 5. Holds up to 50 photos. Medallion(s) sold separately for $15.

Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine and Coast Guard medallions. Medallion size: 1.75".

Included on albums in packages 2, 3 &4. Additional $15 each for packages 1& 5.  

High-resolution, jpeg format Photo DVD with full-rights including copyright release. Two Photo DVDs are included in package 5.  For package 1-4: $95 additional for DVD of images chosen in albums or $235 for DVD of ALL images taken at Service. Additional Photo DVDs: $15 each

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