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Receptions / Celebration of Life Events

Photography Services:

reception march 2017.jpg

Our photographer will continue photographing your family and guests at your reception. The cost is an additional $295 per hour for on-site receptions (Patton Hall, Spates, and Women’s Memorial).

Call for off-site pricing. Your reception photographs will be uploaded with the funeral Service photos.


Many families sadly tell us, “it will be many years before this group gets together again.”

Videography Services:

Our videographers are available to capture these special, once-in-a lifetime moments when family and friends share special stories and remembrances of your loved one.

We offer two video options:

1. We will capture your Celebration of Life event with people speaking at the podium.

2. We will provide professional lighting and audio equipment to capture one-on-one stories and remembrances of the deceased by your family and friends. Both options will give you and your family precious memories and a one-of-a-kind memento to be cherished for many generations. 

1st hour on-site: $795 (Patton Hall, Spates and Women’s Memorial)

Call for off-site pricing.

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