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"Don't change a thing! A few years ago when my father passed away, we thought we hired a very reputable photographer, who claimed to cover many funerals at Arlington. What we received was mediocre at best. Most recently, for my mother's funeral, we hired your company. The difference between the two is night and day when comparing the quality of the photographs and albums. Not to mention the professionalism and compassion you showed to our family throughout the entire process." ~Melissa H.

“Thanks for the Memories. One member of our family questioned taking photos, not realizing how beautiful and meaningful the service would be performed. She now appreciates the pictures most of all. My family really appreciates the beautiful pictures, even nice pictures of our families, who will never be at one location ever again, and the manner your company handled our many requests. One can always notice the difference when dealing with a family operated business. We were surprised your phone was answered during non-business hours and how reasonable your pricing was.” ~Jim S.

“I just watched the video.  It was perfect!  Amazing!  What a great job you did!  I'm so glad we had the service videotaped.  Looking back, the service was a fleeting memory, but now with this videotape we can remember this honor bestowed on my father in full detail.  Thank you so much for all of the Services you provided to our family.” Debbie S.

"During a very difficult time and what to me at first seemed so very odd ... taking pictures at my father's funeral turned out to be the best idea." ~Kristen R.
"It was great working with Mattox for our father's Military burial at Arlington. They were very easy to work with, accommodating, professional and extremely prompt with the finished products. We are very glad we chose Mattox to document this important event for us and would highly recommend Mattox to anyone considering a photographer for an event such as this." ~ Justine G.
"We probably wouldn't have had family photos taken if it hadn't been suggested by the photographer. That was a brilliant suggestion. We needed to be reminded that we seldom, if ever, all get together in one place. The pictures were great ... and very much appreciated. Thank you for all your services. We are very happy with the product and quality." ~Sharon K.

"You are all wonderful, professional, and compassionate people. I am so glad Mattox Photography was there to take photos of my husband and brother. I cannot believe we did not even see the photographer, he was so professional. To have family buried in Arlington is an HONOR and to have Mattox take the photographs added to the HONOR we felt." ~Diane L.

"The final product, the album, was a gift I purchased for myself and I am so glad I did. The memories will be cherished for many years and the album will be passed down to my grandchildren." ~Denise C.

“I just wanted to write to tell you all how very much we loved the video of our loved one's service. Despite our deep grief, when we drove to the grave site and I saw the videographer working with the video equipment, I was so very thankful that we had ordered the video memorial. It was apparent that he was a true, experienced professional and it is a treasure that all of the family will share. Sgt. J. R. was my fiance and the love of my life. He would be so proud of this video.” Angie B.

"Mattox Photography has provided me with a beautiful, lasting memory of my father's service at Arlington. The photographer was superb and the photographs were beautiful. I could not have had better service, perfectly allied with compassion and professionalism. Dad would have been very pleased, as am I." ~Lee C.

“The flowers were beautiful and the video of the service was executed in a very discreet and professional manner that did not in any way "interrupt" or "take away” from the  service itself and I would certainly highly recommend your company to others with family to be buried at Arlington.” Freddy K.

“Thank you very much for your services on a very momentous day.  Your photographer was very professional and the photographs are beautiful.” George M.

“We received the photo album and video.  Thank you so much for all your extra efforts.  I really like the close ups on the pictures of the firing squad.  It looks very nice and I appreciate the discrete way you take pictures and capture certain moments and events that honor our special veteran. Thank you so much!” Dennise M.  

“I just want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to you and your extraordinary company. I especially want to thank your phenomenal photographer who was the epitome of a true professional, thoughtful, attentive, and so patient. She had to wait an extra 30 minutes for the service to begin, and was exceedingly understanding and patient. You are to be congratulated to have her in your employ. I will never forget her kindness, and am so grateful for the outstanding photos she took. Everything was perfect.” Gail C.

“I just want to personally thank our photographer and your staff for taking such wonderful photos of my dad's burial at Arlington Cemetery and at the luncheon at Ft Meyer Officers Club. The pictures came out amazing and I don't believe we would have had the shots she took. It truly will be a memorable event in my life.” Amy S.

“The pictures from my husband's service are wonderful. The photographer did a beautiful job even with the heavy rain. I was never aware of her shooting and yet there are some close in shots that are very special.” Nancy S.

“Thank you so very much!  I really appreciate everything you have done for me in my moment of sincere grief.  I wish I had known about your organization when we had the funeral Mass.  I will highly recommend you to anyone in a situation such as mine.” John M.

We have hundreds of testimonials on file and are happy to share with you at your request.

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