Video Only and

Real-Time *Live* Streaming Services

We offer two high quality and artistic (Full HD 1920x1080 and 4K) video packages tailored to your needs. High Definition broadcast quality cameras and HD editing equipment help deliver a lasting memory of the Service that will both honor the event and your loved one.

Allow us to craft

your funeral memories with

artistic passion,  respectful

patriotism, and

technical competence

Please choose one of the two video packages below (either GOLD or SILVER)


GOLD Video Package

(Services from Administration Building: $650; Chapel $750)

•  Our highly qualified videographer has over 20 years of experience producing,

   directing, and editing broadcast documentary programs for The Discovery Channel

   and other networks.

•  He has received over 100 awards for his work including several Emmy nominations.

•  Multiple HD cameras capture the Service from different angles and locations

    allowing for a polished and beautifully edited video.

•  Several wireless microphones capture intimate moments of the Service.

•  A broadcast quality HD camera with 35mm lens will be used for close-ups to

   provide incredible image quality.

•  Each video includes a personalized introductory preview- documenting highlights

   from YOUR Service - illustrating the grandeur of Arlington National Cemetery

   through artistic aerial footage.


You will receive the edited video in the following THREE formats:

    1. DVD with custom color face and commemorative metal display case with all

        rights for duplication.

    2. USB thumb drive to view on either Mac or PC computer.

    3. URL link (online for 2+ years) to view video online and to share with family and


thumb drive 2 png.png
metal dvd case tiff small.tif

GOLD Video Samples

SILVER Video Package

(Services from Administration Building: $475; Chapel $550)

• One HD camera coverage of the entire funeral service including wireless audio

  coverage and multiple locations throughout Arlington National Cemetery.

• Two complimentary photos that you provide of your loved one will be incorporated at

   the beginning and end of your video.

• You will receive three edited DVDs with all rights for duplication.

SILVER Video Samples


Real Time Streaming Services

 *Discounted pricing during Covid-19: Services from Admin. Bldg: $650; Chapel $750

(Normal pricing $795; Chapel $995)

• A week prior to the Service, a private link will be

provided to you to share with family electronic device that has an internet connection.

The Service is streamed live in real time in its entirety. Full coverage will be seen by     

   viewers and recorded showing ALL aspects of the Service - including the transfer

   point and funeral procession to the gravesite, columbarium, or niche wall.

• Multiple cameras are used, enabling seamless full-coverage and close-ups for

   optimal viewing including the firing party and bugler. This includes a camera placed

   above our vehicle showing, in real-time, the car procession through Arlington

   National Cemetery when transferring locations and from the Chapel to the


• For all Chapel Services, coverage includes: military activities outside of the chapel,

   entire service inside the chapel, driving though the Cemetery to the gravesite

  and all gravesite honors through the end of the service.

• Multiple wireless microphones are strategically placed to capture audio, including

  the Chaplain’s remarks.

• The link showing the live stream footage will remain active for viewing and sharing

   with family and friends for at least one year after the Service.

• Within 10 days after the Service you will receive two hard copies of the streamed

   video (a DVD and thumb drive) with full copyright transfer to you for duplication.

This private live-streamed video shows "HIGHLIGHTS"

taken from several services at 

Arlington National Cemetery