Roses and Floral Arrangements

Descriptions and Pricing


We will bring 2 dozen (24) roses  to your Service.
(Choose rose color: red, white, yellow or pink.) Local florists charge up to $150. 


Floral Spray

A graceful combination of in-season flowers such as red carnations, miniature carnations, snapdragons, white lilies, blue delphinium, eucalyptus, and more. 
Approximately 27”x42” Delivery & Stand Included.


Floral Wreath

A lovely array of in-season flowers such as blue hydrangea, red and spray roses, blue delphinium, red gladioli, white cushion spray chrysanthemums and more. Approximately 25”x 25”


Floral Wreath (Spouse Service)

Flowers such as green hydrangea, hot pink spray roses, pink gladioli and carnations, lavendar and yellow chrysantemums - accented by greenery. Approximately 25”x 25”


Floral Spray (Spouse Service)

Flowers such as purple hydrangea and asters, lavander mums and gladioli, pink roses, yellow carnations, snapdragons & chrysantemums. Approximately 25”x 25”